Week 8 (26/8/19)

Blog Post 6

More Data

This week was all about generating more data.

- In order to train a more complex neural net with multipule outputs I needed a database of sound files with simulated recordings for multiplue room. However, going back and looking through my data base of convolved wav files, a lot of the files for certain IRs were corruppted and couldnt be used at all. On top of this I also wanted more data points to train the NNs on, as cutrrently I had about only 500 samples for each IR. 

- I spent the better part of the last week looking for and downloading more samples with wget to rebuild and update my database. 

After convolving each of the clean samples I currently I have around an hours woth of training data, for each of the 8 selected IRs.

Data Management

- Currently, I am running some tests on my data using tensorflow and python in jupyter notebook, however due to the amount of data I am analysing, the size of the data base is currently too big to be stored directly in RAM and throwing an error. Im going to try a few fixes next week and hope to have a multi output NN that can be translated to ECL and the HPCC clusters.

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